First Car Updated Monday 8:36 pm

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It’s still a WIP, but what can I do to make it more realistic (the model part, the scene I will work on later)

The model looks nice. Good job.

could use detail. alot of detail.

I agree with Skeletor. Go apeshit with the knife tool, but use the Face loop cut version.

Each of your edges need to be sharpened up. Use the knife tool in edit mode. Try to pick a row of faces that runs along an edge, hold shift key whilst cutting and set to about 1% or 99% depending on which side of the face you selected.

If it goes wrong use the undo feature, you’ll find some cuts won’t affect the same part of the mesh as a cut on another face would.

It’s a 350Z, right? Good so far.

Hope that helps,


thanks for feedback, I am wondering what parts i should give sharper edges to using knife tool?

Also I tried using booleans to get shape of door but didn’t work, only screwed up the mesh, is there a way to get it to work or a better way to make the door?

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Added, rear view, gonna add details tommorow, can’t wait


Booleans suck, only use them as a last resort.

For the doors, use the knife tool (exact) and cut the line you need for the door shape, do the same again, but only a small distance from the first cut. Then select the faces between these new cuts and extrude into the car. This will give you a seam.

The closer verts are together, the sharper and more defined the edge will become after subsurf.

The headlights look as though they would benefit from a cleaner edge. Also there doesn’t seem to be any body panel sections.

Alot of modelers will build the car as you have and then cut the seperate body panels out. I tend to model each piece one by one, using the edge of one piece duplicated to make the matching edge of the adjacent body part. (Sorry if this makes no sense, need sleep. :smiley: )

Try a higher subsurf level, 2 or 3 and see if this tightens the body work up a bit, it looks a little loose.

Add a couple of ordinary lamps (spherical if preferred) around the car, it will make details easier to see after render. Last crit would be the rear tyre clearance from the rear wings. Might be a tad extreme, but your personal choice there. :smiley:

Good luck, hope this is of some help.


HEY!!! What are you talking about???!! Can’t you see it is UGLY! No any chances for the Nissan 350 Z!! I modeled it, it is still in progress, and I don’t tell that it is cool:

wow u got a nice ride lego laz, any tips on how to get mine to start looking like your’s?

Lego laz you shouldnt dis his model. Its not very nice.
His car is a better car than i could do, trust me. I can only do motorcycles.
Keep up the work.

Where is the knife tool located at?
Ive always wanted to use it but cant find it.

to use knife tool press ‘k’, then select the option you want. (do this in edit mode)

BTW, the car is kind of messed up cuz i modeled it as a complete mesh and I was following a lightwave tutorial that I had to improvise steps at at certain times so I’m not sure how I can fix my car, I might just leave it as is for now. If anyone wan’ts it :

Right click save as:

[og]GrYpHoN, thanks for backing me up

Lego-Laz man chill. The front valance on your 350Z, could do with a go on the knife tool too, just to crisp up those edges. :wink:

VulcanKid, the blend file won’t download, any chance of you emailing it if it’s not online anymore?

Thanks and stick at the cars mate, it’s taken me over a year to be confident enough to make the mess of a mesh I make now and still call it a car. :smiley:

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I’ve worked on it a bit, what do you think?

Much better, it looks much more defined.

Forget about AO till final renders mate, unless you really want to use it, besides it won’t simulate specular highlights, you need at least one lamp for that. If you do want to use AO, use Photoshop7 (if you got it) and use Auto levels and Auto colors to reduce the blueness in your renders.

A quick light set up, have one spot with rayshadows high above the car. Add six or more lamps (sphere if you wish) arrange in a circle around the car, increase the distance. I’m not a lighting know all, but this should light your images a bit better if you haven’t got PS7.

The headlight glass seems to be set a little deep in the hood, maybe move them forwards a tad.

Good progress mate, keep it up.


yeah that was my attempt at a yafray render lol
here is a nicer render, and i worked on the front windsheild - Free Image Hosting

C+C please :slight_smile: