First Car

Okay, I am making my first car and I have run into a problem. I am using subsurfs and I am wanting to join two sections together by taking out duplicate vertices. Except every time I try it comes back saying that it has removed 0 vertices. I have even zoomed in crazily close and lined them up, and yet Blender still removes zero vertices.

Can someone please shed some light ont this, or give me another way of doing it?

UPDATE 10/29/2006
Thank you so much for the c&c and the help with the normals problem. Here is the body of the car…I would show you a render but my lighting sucks and the material for the car looks more like shiny plastic than metal. SO:

  1. If anyone has any tips on a decent lighting setup for any situation please let me know
  2. A good way to pull of metal

Here it is:

theres a little tab next to the threshold settings(beneath all of the editing buttons) that chooses how far away 2 vertices can be before they will mere

where? Can you be a little more specific.

remove doubles in f9 buttons (in edit mode), under mesh tools

Ok Guys,

Thanks for the help on removing the doubles. I have the starting base ready to go, except I am having problems with set smooth.

This is the way I want the image to look…but I can only achieve this when I have subsurf’s set to 6…which I know you shouldn’t do.

When I tell the object to set smooth this is what happens:

ehm, yeah, you might wanna hit CTRL-N there… recalculate normals outside

That worked for the most part…but I have one little problem. It has left a wierd square looking impression on one side…

I posted both wire and solid so you could see that my vertices are perfectly in line…any suggestions?

I had to do a little backtracking but I figured out where the normals problem was existing and fixed it.

okay, good luck with yer car:)

looking good mayn,what kinda car are u basing this one on??

Zooming in “crazily close” is difficult because you have to get them right in terms of X, Y and Z and it’s just too fiddly. Select a pair of vertices which need to be together and hit Skey (scale mode) and then ZEROkey and then ENTERkey. You can also hit Xkey, Ykey or Zkey before the ZREOkey if you only want to line a set of vertices up along one axis.

Cool! I never thought of that.

I’ve been taking two vertices and hitting ALT + M and usually merge at center. It’s about the same as remove doubles only the merge tool allows you to have them far apart. I also like taking any extra circles I ever stick into something and just select all the circle vertices, extrude once in place and ALT + M to merge at center for a nice clean close.

Good luck with the car!

Thanks for all the crits guys, please if anyone has any help or guidance on making cars…please feel free to let me know.

I like the shape you have so far. Kinda like a porsche.

a quick lighting method I like to use is the 3 point lighting.
here’s a tutorial on how to do it (its not blender but the principle’s the same)
you can just google ‘three point lighting’ if you want more info about it.

about the car paint, there are many ways to do it, but there are some main things. It’s often a bit reflective, and it has a high hardness value.
this is a blendertutorial on how to do realistic carpaint.

hope that helps, good luck with your car