First Caustic - First Photorealistic

This is my first attempt at from scratch caustics!
This is the “no caustics version”
This is the caustic version

now hold it hold it when you say that looks like crap! well yes it does - it’s photorealistic! haven’t you ever seen a print from a digital camera on standard paper - this is what it looks like! So it’s cool!

C&C welcome! (needed!)

I like it… the little glass blobs look good, but the texture you used for the wood could use some work. Also that lens flare looks kinda faky.

blobs - lol! :smiley:

they are suppose to be apples! i agree the wood and wall were just to have something to render onto. The flare is fake - it was added after the fact! And now for some reason i can’t get that caustic to work again - it keeps rendering like the first image! arghhh!

thanks though!

nice floor texture :wink: lol

anyways the setup is very nice in the caustic version…VERY photorealistic, nice work

thanks - it’s all thanks to your blend - but now i have a problem…

This is the result of my render. The console shows that it shot alot of photons but didn’t store any of them - this is the exact opposite of when there are caustics - it shows it stores a bunch of them. So here in lies the problem. So how do i position my photon lamp up so that the apples recieve caustics? - so that photons are stored?

this is my light setup

this is my glass set up

what’s wrong?

Hmm… Look at a photo of a wood floor. You’ll see depth, dirt, scratches, and color depth that you don’t find here at all. The glass looks CG because it hasn’t been configured properly, and the caustics are way too extreme. The wall in the background is so low resolution that it’s obvious, and the perfect seam makes it even more obvious.

That’s analyzing it as a photorealism attempt… as a test render, it’s ok, but no mantlepiece collection.

Something that I find tends to happen with photonlights and arealights is that after the first render or so they seem to suddenly become much more difficult to use. You don’t even change a single thing, and they spontaneously stop working. Make them like a thousand times longer and 3 times as bright and they start working again, but the results are hard to tune.
Maybe you have this problem too?

Prince - have you played with my ring file? I think it got a very nice glass - you might want to compere youre material to those in the .blend.

could i have the blend file for those rings please??

there cool i prefer the second tho.

Try turning the reflection in ‘shader’ option (not in the raymrror option) to 0 .

ya where is the link to that? i don’t think it is the material though - i didn’t change one aspect of the material - just the light. I didn’t change aspects of the light though just it’s location and rotation! I think that it has something to do with that though i may be wrong.

I am trying the no reflection value and i removed fresnel on the transparent values to see if it works but it is still shooting photons right now…

thanks aner i’ll check that out! :wink:

alright i know what the problem is but i don’t know how to fix it:

you only get caustics when the photons emitted are stored or cached and when ever i render and i don’t get caustics i get something like teh screens shot of the console - it says something like “300000 photons emitted 0 stored” this means that nothing got bounced around inside the apples - which makes think it could be material but i can use any material i want and they just dont work! so i think then that it could be mesh but since i have gotten the mesh to work once it shoudl work everytime! so teh only solution is that it is the lighting - my lights are set up fine (they give caustics to certain objects that i have rendered but i think that the scale or orientation of the light to the object is causing the photons not to be stored - so technically how do i fix this?

hold the phone everybody! i think it is my material i am not positive but i just made a render and it cached my photons and i used a material from a caustics template blend so i will try reimplimenting that in my apples blend and make for sure that is!

sorry aner you are right … now let me go see you blend! :expressionless:

Maybe the plane normal is wrong, how can they store the photons at the air? :stuck_out_tongue:

you see this is the result of a different material and the same screen shots as the ones above:

you see the difference? so what are the changes that make it do caustics?

which way should they be pointing?

Pointing to the apple. :stuck_out_tongue: