First Character Animation. Firebender

Hey all, just postin’ up my first character animation. The rig isn’t mine, and I don’t remember where I found it. But it’s simple enough so that I think I could dissect it and make my own rig and character someday.

The fire doesn’t look that real, I know, and there are a few rough spots. But I’m happy, as it looks much smoother than I thought it would look.

Anticipation is good, this feels like too much though. I don’t know much about fire-bending but it seems like he should gesture forwardto shoot the fire, and it felt like he was preparing to do just that, then he moved his right hand backward to shoot the flame. Nice for a first pass.

It’s pretty decent for a first go :slight_smile: Good job!

Now for critique:

-Needs more weight. When he steps he doesn’t seem to really transfer his weight to the other foot. Weight is one of the most important things in character animation.(I like it when he transfers his weight at the end though)

-His spine stays too stiff. The spine and its arcs are a great way to bring your character to life

-Hip movement in relation to the shoulder movement is important…especially in weight transfer. The hips can’t stay that stiff!

Good job though! Keep it up! :smiley:

If you can involve ring in your animation than what will happen i guess it looks more attractive and much better than it present.

very nice i agree with magiciandude there was prob’s with the weight transfer…
there was too much anticipation and i think the fire should have come out
while his hand was still extended instead of when he pulled his arm back…
but good job though i like it… very nice for a first try