first character model (head)

this is the first human head i ever modeled, and im currently working on making the rest of the body for my first character model.

please feel free to nit pick and give suggestions or wat not.

peace yall :cool:

Great first try at a head :slight_smile:

Just to note, watch brow area above the nose. It has what looks like a ledge and should follow the flow up into the forehead and then become mainly flat. The ears could use some love so try to watch a few tutorials about them. The lips are a little sharp and the eye loops are real nice but the lids themselves need work…keep in mind that the bottom lid flows more so into the cheek area instead of having a dip under them.

Keep it up!

Excellent first head, mine looked nothing as good as this, and your display (background color, lighting, wires…) looks real nice too. Kris has some good crits.Welcome to the community btw.