First character model - more creepy than cute

So, I just started using Blender a couple of weeks ago. After a going through an absolute beginner’s tutorial, I wanted to try something a bit more advancing… character modeling. But instead of just copying a model straight from the tutorial, I decided to go a bit further and tried adapting the things I learned from the tutorial to make Happy from Fairy Tail.

And after some fighting and improvisation I managed to make a basic model.

But I was not satisfied with “just a 3D model”. I wanted to make him more realistic.

All that was left were the accessories to complete the character.

(I realize the lighting might not be the greatest)

For some reason, at least in my opinion (and my friends agree) he looks a bit creepy for some reason.
So I’d like to ask for any ideas on how to make him look more “cute”, and well, any other flaws or fixes you can think of to make him look better.
I’d like to use him for an animation, so any and all feedback is appreciated to make him look as camera worthy as possible.

Things I’ve already noted myself:

  • The fingers have to be redone
  • There’s something odd going on with the fur. I’ve been trying to find ways to fix it.

It looks creepy because it has no eyelids at all. Just add some and it won’t appeal creepy anymore :slight_smile:

Okay, so I added some eyelids…

but it still looks a bit… off.
I don’t really know how to say it, but just somehow… off.

(minus the color of the fur)

Thats because you did not ad eye LIDs but eye RIMS. The eyeballs still look like as if they are just poking out of the skull. I’*ve added some gimping as attachment with some added shape (black) to the eyes.

Et voilá: Not so off anymore :slight_smile:


Redid the fingers, redid the fur, thickened the eyelids and added some eyelashes and whiskers (barely visible, but still).


tried adding the guild symbol to the back… still working on it.

It is starting to look a little better.

But seriously, this is getting rather tedious. So I think I might start working on a new character soon and come back to this one with a fresh mind and a fresh view.

After I get the current issues fixed…

LOL the last one finally has some expression. Like “Oh gawd… not again :P” LOL :slight_smile:

If you are tired from the current modell just move ahead yes. Still I would try to lower the “scale” of the fur/make the fibers thinner and less glossy (try a simple diffuse shader instead of hair or glossy node).
In General try to make the fur much shorter and don’t comb that much. Most of the fur on that character should be possible with just the plain settings and a little bit of combing afterwards
That would help that to make that sign more visible too. :slight_smile:


shortened the fur and changed the material.
(Got to admit, looks more like Happy now)

And did some fixing for the back symbol:

looks more like it should (thou it could still be made to look even more like it should)

Thanks for the advice kyomotion, it really helped.

But I think I’m gonna leave this as is for now. Happy doesn’t look too happy and neither do I. All that learning, fighting and fixing came with a price. I’m going to start another character and come back to this later.

Time to head for new adventures and new challenges! I think that’s best for both of us.
Hopefully, Happy will become happier given some time…:wink: