First Character Model

This is my first character model and I started work on it last night. I’ve spent about 1 hour and a half on the eye ball and surrounding area. Tonight I plan to prepare work on the rest of the facial features and maybe even begin work on the mouth. I am needing criticism on my work so far so I can better make this a work of art rather than trash. Here a standard render of my work.


Ok regardless of the lack of criticism, I am going to post an update and ask for a bit of help. I am trying to use a mirror modifier to get the other side of the face but for some reason the mirror modifier isnt wanting to cooperate and is making it increasingly difficult to get the rest of the face finished. I just need the two faces lined up waiting for a nose in between and I also am having slight trouble getting the eyelids to look right. The vertices seemed to have curled back on themselves and I can’t get the back to normal. Its kind of confusing and I would greatly appreciate someones help for a new character modeler. I would like to have all of these aspects down before I go to college for it.


charactermodeleyeball.blend (144 KB)

I can tell you right now that you created it on the wrong side. See, Blender creates a double on the right hand side so you have to start creating something on the left hand side first when you are using the Mirror Modifier. All you need to so now is to reverse it to the left hand side and then use the Mirror Modifier to get back on track.

Are you sure about that?

ctrl + a then s x -1 and u have the left side :smiley: