First Character Modeling

Hey everyone,

I’ve been using Blender for quite some time now but never modeled any characters. I’d like to share my first experiences with character modeling and I’d be happy to get some tips for improvement :slight_smile:

Very good job !
My only suggestion right now is that the forehead is a bit too small.

You have dared to try the human figure:evilgrin: It scares hell out of me, But seriously, you are doing really well. Usually the eyes are about half way down the face, give or take a little but neanderthals I believe had lower foreheads. Either way, you are well ahead of me in 3D!

Thanks for the feedback so far, here’s a little update :slight_smile:

This method of modeling a head going poly by poly is kind of long in the tooth and outdated. With zbrush sculptris pro or Blender own dynamic topology the better workflow is to sculpt first then retopology over your sculpt.

My two cents on anyone trying to learn to model a head in Blender is first just watch an intro to dynamic topology sculpting. Then start bashing out heads you could easily do a head very two to three days. Grab some books from Bridgeman, Loomis etc and learn about anatomy, planes of the head, proportions, the skull, masses volumes.

If you sculpting a head every four or five days you could sculpt 20,25 heads in a 100 days and learn a ton about modeling a realistic face. Put the art in front of the techniques.

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Wow ! Nice update !
I have no suggestions for improvement right now , as nothing seems to need fixing to me.
I’m curious what the model will look like with textures and extra details.

Here is another update where I attached the head to the whole body I had already modeled separately.
I’m not really happy with the thumbs and feet yet though.

I’m looking forward to your thoughts on the model. Thanks :yes:

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Nice update !

I think the arms might be a teeny bit too long ?

Thanks @The3DLioness

Here’s another one!

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