First Character - Orc type thing

Here is the work that i have done on my first character so far. It was originaly a sculpt + multires head. I liked the results so i used the retopo tool to clean the face up a bit (it was just a subdivided cube) and then extruded the body. Any ideas or criticism will be helpful.


I fixed up the length of the torso and moved the nose down slightly.

Added some well needed fat.


the nose hole is really big… but other then that its really good!

I would most definately super size this guy, If your going for orc, put extreme muscles on his arms and legs, pull the gut out much farther, and man boobs would probably be a good idea.

If you keep him skinny, your on the wrong side of the Green skins, thats a goblin my friend.

(See for some visual differences of Goblins and Orcs.)

I’ve fixed up the ankles and added even more fat.

Obrien: I’m not really going for a standard ‘orc’ or ‘goblin’ just a character. Thats just what i thought would be a good description. Thanks for the link though.

I added some piercings on the face and ear.


lookin good :smiley:
what you gonna do next?

I’ve got to do a piar of shorts. I don’t know wether i should try and model them, or use a softbody with deflection…

Coming along nicely, esp for a first character. I’d try and model the shorts. Softbody is coming along, but full cloth sim isn’t finished yet. At any rate, the modelled shorts could be set up using the cloth sim later when it is implemented.

Well i tried to do a pair of shorts, not sure of the results. I’m wondering if it needs anything else or if i should go ahead and texture and rig it.


After a massive break i’ve done a bit more work on this, as it was pretty much the only thing that survived a hard drive failure.