First character (Suggest a name)

This isn’t only mt first character, but it is also my first serious project for I am planning on using him in my first 3D animation someday soon :). Anyway, I don’t have any images from when I first started. It was pretty much the same just untextured. Anyway, here are my latest renders.
Front View
Side View
Angled View

Any feedback or critique?

I like it! :wink: Very cute little character. Keep up the good work, I’ll leave crits to the pros.

not bad - can I see the mesh plz sir =p

Thanks Len and MagicMyshu,

Anyway, I have worked a bit on it. Not many changes. I mainly worked on the light bulbs on the side of his head but they still need some work. They will serve as emotion indicators as you can see from the pictures. The blue shows a happy and calm mood while the red shows a very angry mood. The brighter the light the stronger the emotion. Also worked on a few different eyes to match the emotions and made they eyes in the “neutral” state a bit shorter than before.


Looks like a cool little guy! I like the simplicity with this model! It would make a good movie if you could rig and animate it right. Good Luck with the rest!

great job=D, he looks like a little pop can sized robot=D… Keep it up

this would make a good animation. i fyou do ever decide to animate it, it would be really funny if he was happy then when he turned mad all of theses weapons appeared from within him and he was like a war robot .:evilgrin::eek:

Wow I would love to see an animation for that. Looks like the perfect mascot for a software company :-P. Kudos to you!!

Thanks everyone. I really appreciate everyones positive comments.

Yea, I do plan to animate it. Hopefully his first animation (I plan on making more that one animation with it) will be complete sometime during this summer. Also, ideas of making anything appear from the top of his head (see pictures below) such as speakers, like the one below, robotic arms etc. Of course, the idea sounded better than it looks :frowning: . I didn’t like how it looks so I might have to think of something else. One of my ideas that I probably will incorporate is wheels or some kind of rocket thing to come out of his shoes for faster movement and hovering/flying:D.


well, I have made some minor changes in the feet, but I don’t really think its necessary to post. I think that I am done with the modeling and texturing. I will rig it soon and maybe, maybe, make a short animation test. One last thing though. I believe he needs a name :). I hate thinking of names so I’ll ask you guys. What should I name him?

Yea, I saw this post before I made my account, its a very nice character.Just like Wuman or that walking chair thing. If this is one of your first works it can be kinda like a trademark for you in the future, its cute, and customizable. Also a character that can be well remember. I look foward to see him in the future.
I was also wondering how the eyes were made?

Thanks. Well, it’s not really one of my first works but it is my first original character, so yea, maybe it could be my trademark. And for the question about the eyes.
I made the eyes in Photoshop. Then I just UV mapped them on the robot.