first character tests

I’ve been using blender basically since it first came out; but i’ve never tried to make any humans. so today i was making a alien helmet, and needed a body. so i started to make one, but it, well, sucked. so i deleted it and started on my first character ever. it’s a woman; she’s made from a extruded 8-point circle; is subsurfed level 3.

this is how it looks after about 30. minutes of work. what do you think? i know it sucks, but any suggestions about it?*

here’s some quick screen grabs from blender:
with subs on:

with them off:

(*note: i’m doing the arms and maybe the legs over once i get a decent torso. also, i think the breast size is too large; and there’s something not right about the space on the side between under the arm and the middle of the chest)

Okay these are just done with a mouse so try to picture it.
I’ve drawn over your pics to show you a few things.

Basically the back needs to arch more and the breast area is not defined properly. Also look here for proportions:

These are only rough alterations to get you started.

Hope that helps :slight_smile: