First Character - Worm

Hi Blender Artits!!

I’m new here and I’m from austria. Formaly I was a Cinema 4D user but I’m not in the position to pay for all updates coming out, so I decided to switch to Blender! I’m really happy with it because blender is so powerfull and for free!!! I think it has more features than my C4D R9.6 release …

So after watching “millions” of tutorials I’ve made my first (comic) character. Nothing really exciting but I’m happy with it.

The whole picture was made with Blender 2.49b, no external post-production!

C&C are welcome.


seems like you’ve got the basics down pat, and then some!
my only crit is it could do with some texturing
how long have you used C4D?

Thx! I used C4D for 3 years I think … but I didn’t really make a lot of stuff with it. Only some parts for websites. But I will do some epic ( :wink: ) stuff with blender! … hehe hope so! Maybe I join the BWC09 …

not bad for the first time :smiley: