First charactor

This is the first time I make a character. Im pretty inexperienced and needed to use one tri to connect hand with the arm since I had an extra loop on the hand. I think it’s a little uncanny valley but with hair and textures it might get abit better. Still need to figure out how to make feet thought.
Also I am finding nails to be quite difficult to model since the shape of the nail aswell as finger tip needs to be kind of perfect else it looks weird. Also this is a full body so I am finding it very hard to tame my topology, for example if I need an extra loop in the foot its probably going to end up in the eyes.

The hands aint to feminine I find.

Some feedback would be great as I am strugling with the shapes and find it difficult to find what is weird or what is not since I have been working on this model for a while.

So here are the pics.


Your hand is quite okay for me. I love doing character but I hate modeling hands and yours looks quite right.
For the nails and the folds of the fingers I would use the sculpt mode. With inflate just inflate the nails so they can curve and with crease make the folds but in your case I would use pinch since the folds are already here but too wide I think. Otherwise great, you connected them well to the wrist. Keep on and happy blending !