First clothing set

Here’s what i’ve been working on lately. I’m trying to develop a character who looks like she’d come from the arctic or some such cold regions. This is my first set of clothes that are any good, as well.

Self-critique. -The gloves suck. Apparently duplicating the hands and scaling them (and getting rid of the nails) doesn’t look that great. I’m going to redo those later.
-The colors suck. That’s fine, i’m not working on colors right now, just developing the clothes for now.
-I love the boots. I love them so much. <3

Things I’m still working on: -Everything, basically.
-Details. She’s pretty plain right now. (Belt buckle, features to the coat, etc.)
-Topology. I have NO idea how this thing is going to work in animation. Pointers on that would be awesome.
-Hair… and a better face…

Also, if you have any ideas for details on this sucker, let me know. I’m going for a sort of arctic-themed aristocracy type of character. I want her to look like she’s fairly well off, but I also don’t want her to be walking around up to her neck in jewels if you know what I mean.

.Blend attached.

PS. 2.5 is out tomorrow! WHOOT!


Arctic.blend (776 KB)

I’d give your progress five stars so far. I hope that you are kind of keeping aware of the uv-wrapping side of things as you get to the texturing stage - that is kind of tricky.
And for animation, I’ve learnt that it pays to study some existing meshes for this - knees, elbows and other joints are often troublesome. All the best and look forward to your next few postings!

the proportions are right, the only problem are the hands : way too thin: try a shrink/fatten on it… and look at your own hands, to compare the shape…
there is an interesting cloth effect…

Not a huge update here. Fixed some of the verts on the scarf, and added detail to the belt. I was working on hair, but that didn’t work out.

Also added more detail to the jacket. Still working on the gloves.

I tried to add hair but failed. Miserably. I’m still debating; particles or polygon hair? When I try to add particles, the mesh disappears in the render. How do I fix that?

You can fix it by enabling 'emitter in the particles panel. Its in the vizualisation panel.
and i love the laces on the shoe.