First completed project

Hi This is my second 3d thing done my other one was in the wip section it was a tire i uv mapped to see if i could get it came out okay… but here is my first complete 3d thing… i just started messing with blender goin on a week already i’ve done a bunch of tuts and thats about it along with my tire… iight the story behind the pic is i dunno something spacy lol theres 2 search and recue spaceships on mars or something looking for something i really dont know lol … enough talkin heres the pic

okay there they are i know there not perfect nuttin to ooo about lol but with alot of hard work n time i’m sure i’ll make something good. c&c welcome juss dont be to harsh i juss started lol :smiley:

Okay, well did you know you can save your render output with F4, that way you don’t have too see the renderwindow ;).
And turn on OSA, you’ll get rid of the ‘jaggies’ then.

About your pictures:

In the second picture your mountain is way too shiny, turn down the specularity. And these renders are more like background pictures, you might consider shifting the ‘action’ somewhat more into the foreground.

Good for a first project. Like the other guy said tone down the shine, add OSA, and if i remember right it is F3 to export your image. Any way nice! :wink:

Nice, keep up the good work. It only gets better (and easier for you)

Nice, but… OSA missing :wink:

I like the first one.