First Completed Project!

Hey everyone. I’ve finally finished a Blender project that I think is worthy of posting here! Anyway, here it is. I was kinda going for the idea of “eternity”. There was a lot more I wanted to do, but my skills aren’t quite good enough yet. Please leave constructive criticism. I know the lighting and the textures stink, so please tell me any suggestions you have.

Here is the slightly redone version of my original.



I think this is nice for beginning. But sand does not look perfect, especially in the top part of clock. And glass looks like a plastic. May be hardness of specularity and ray-tracing reflection and refraction will help you to make glass more realistic?

A well-composed presentation of an hourglass. Obviously there is more to do with regard to the sand, and there’s more that you can do with the materials of both the stand and the glass … but … that’s the fun of computer graphics! The modeling, especially of the stand, is quite nice.

Take a well-deserved public bow, then pick one thing about this and fool around with how you might improve upon it. Rinse and repeat…

Looks pretty good. I think you should enable AO, and add some reflection/refraction. Other than that good job!

Thanks alot for your advice. I was actually specifically working on my modeling skills with this one. I’m really not happy not happy with the texture of the sand, so I will do some work on that. Here is an update. I added a raytraced mirror effect and reshaped the sand a little.


Here I enabled AO. That makes a big difference! Thanks for all the feedback.:wink:


in that last render with AO the glass changed back, it looked better before with mirror enabled, try to add some bump maps to the sand (a noise texture should make it look less flat). Also try to nab a wood texture from google images for the table, other than that I think that it’s a great showcase of modeling skills!

Thanks alot. The reason the AO render didn’t have the mirror is because I forgot to save it and didn’t bother redoing it. Oops.:o I’ll try your suggestions and post the results.

With AO and mirror.


pretty good. is that supposed to be a pebble in the top half?
because if its sand, it could use some serious work.

Yeah, that’s a pebble. At least it’s supposed to be. Like I said, I need to work on my texturing skills. This whole thing was supposed to be kind of ironic. Because a rock that big would never fall, so it’s like time is frozen or something. I was a little worried that the main idea may not come through. Oh, well.

i assumed it was something like that.
how did you do the sand?

I just used a subdivided sphere and scaled some of the lower edge loops to match up with the glass. Then I just used proportional edit for the top part to make it look like the sand had piled up from the top. There is probably a better way to to this, but this way made since to me.

I think adding a simple wood texture to the table would enhance it greatly. And maybe a photo for a backround. No 3D necessary… I don’t know. Overall though Awesome! the pebble really gives it a story.

Ok, here is the final version. Thanks to everybody for your suggestions.:slight_smile:


the sand on the top looks like a rock…and everytime i see a first project, i feel more nooby :frowning:

You shouldn’t feel more nooby. (After all it isn’t all that great) You should be motivated to improve. I’ve been messing around with Blender for over a year, and I’m just now getting around to making stuff worth showing. I spent most of the time just learning about the user interface and 3d in general. The key is to start small and force yourself to finish a project. Keep working at it.:wink: