First compositing try

(pofo) #1

I tried putting a pair of goggles made in Blender on a gnome painting made in photoshop. Not too shabby considering I’ve never even done any postproduction on my renders before. The fit isn’t perfect and the background… well try to just ignore the background for now.

  1. pofo

(the goggles were made quite awhile ago and I think I posted them once on old

(Alltaken) #2

nice!!!:o 8)

the guy looks like he wants t be animated so that he can say somthing really stupid. :stuck_out_tongue:

i don’t see whats wrong with the background.

it doesn’t draw to much atention away from the good stuff.

almost perfect!!!

perhaps an 8.5 out of ten for the googles fitting

oh yeah i just went to your website after looking at this post and found your SCREWING tutorial. :smiley:

finally i know how to screw. :wink:

no more embarasing situations for me now that i know how to screw.

thanks it was great!!!

(bmax) #3

hmmm…if you’d have paid attention you’d know that its a painting…sigh… :frowning:

(macouno) #4

Ehm… at first I thought the angle of the goggles was wrong, but it’s the nose… it looks askew… meaning… the bottom of the nose should be more to the right (as seen now) the mouth too maybe.

But man that’s well done!!!

(digitalSlav) #5

hmmm…if you’d have paid attention you’d know that its a painting…sigh…

was there not once a land a 2d? and did they not animate or was the whole groing up with cartoons some imaginary vision? ahh convulsing my whole life is a lie!

let’s try to be a little more on target and constructive instead of comments about other’s comments.

great composit work! the 3d style really blends with your painting. although i must agree with the remarks above as to being a little askew. i like it that way how ever. gives it character! keep pushing

(pofo) #6

:slight_smile: Thanks for your comments.
Especially the one about the nose, I dug out my old reference lines and saw that I had managed to push it way out of line during the coloring.

  1. pofo