First Concept Art: Second Model, New Project

After my first modeling project, I thought I’d take a swing at a new model, as well as some concept art:

After this, I tried to see if I could provide some orthographic drawings that resemble the foreground character. Having never done this before, this is all kind of rough:

Then I went on to the modeling, which has been a little quicker than last time, but still required a lot of tweeking of the verts. I haven’t quite streamlined the process

I always notice online how models created off of pictures usually don’t look like the person in the picture (some of the time at least.) I like how this one is turning out. If anyone could provide tutorials on more studied approaches to creating a model that maintain expected facial features, that would be greatly appreciated.

Also, this project involves modeling several book shelves ripped in half (Don’t ask.) Which means I get to learn how to model carnage! My fav underdeveloped blender skill. Any tips on that would also be appreciated.

EDIT: Sorry about that background image panel. I’ll fix that in the next post, lol.