First Conceptual Blender Building Study - Finished

This is is the “Finished” version of the “Work in Progress” model I recently posted. Please refer to that post for background info regarding what I was hoping to accomplish. One thing that was not readily apparent in the original version was that most of the glass skin was composed of two slightly different tissue panels (10’ wide by one story high (two 5’ wide glazing units) ) applied randomly to the glazed portions of the building. The difference between them was too subtle so you really couldn’t tell. Please note there are also a couple more “secondary” panel versions designed so that they would work where the perimeter of the glass met the curved solid “picture frame” in the concave sides (which created panels of varying width or height and/or not rectangular). Luckily all I had to do was to model new panels with the same names (after renaming the old ones) and then update the tessellations.

The parking deck screens in the original version were a voronoi wireframes which took a lot of memory and slowed down my PC any time I made them visible. I fine tuned the frames, replaced the screens with a tessellation and simplified the lattice curve. I am much happier with the look of this version; and the ease with which I can study options is a big plus for me.

The night renderings are much more recent though once again I just found out there is an easier way to light them; still learning:)

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good work :+1: