First Conceptual Work

So I’m making a stun baton of sorts. Not really based on anything, just started off wanting to make some sort of electric weapon. This is my work from today.

Not really sure how close I am to finishing it, though the finished model will look more or less like it does now. Detailing is turning out to be a little more difficult than I thought. Critiques are welcome.

This looks really cool, looks really bioshock / art deco style with those curved sections coming back around, certainly a lot better than I can model at the moment, those clips attached to the curves look really solid too.

Maybe add some coils to it that will give a feeling of detail with repeated patterns, maybe some buttons / console on the staff for turning up and down the power or different stun settings. Adding them as separate parts would probably help too to make the topology of the mesh a little easier then using something like texture atlas to combine for final texture.


Thx for the comment/critique Hugo! :smiley: I appreciate it more than you know. I’m surprised I managed to not look at my own thread for 4 days to notice there was a comment!

I added a bit of a console to the handle, idk if i should add more or rework it. Considering the detail that I put under it, I could probably go with more detail honestly.

So I have two models here. I think I like the second one best but I’m not sure.



1st Blend File

2nd Blend File

Also, critiques please! I <3 them!

Also, just realized BA now auto scales down images. 1st full res, 2nd full res.

Kinda learned how to texture, retopo, and bake maps in the last two weeks. Low poly is a bit harder than I thought.
Here’s my progress:

Here is the full res.

Let me know what you think!

The second one looks more interesting, but it might overcroud your final piece. I’d say stick with the first one, maybe put in a particle effectof an electrical storm in the centre of the arcs when your done

keep up the good work