First contest entry.

Before submitting my first render to blender guru video games contest. i decided to show it here.:eyebrowlift:

what do you think.Also can you suggest any post processing to this image.

I like it, but I noticed his right toe is dipping into the ground plane.
(edit) I see it is your first post. Welcome to BlenderArtists.

Thank you, I’ll fix that.
It takes quite a while for a post to go through moderation queue though.:smiley:

Here’s an update:-

the lighting’s a lot better on the second one.

So what do you think? is it ready to be submitted or should i change some things? Some guys at reddit suggested me to change the dragon texture.

I think if you’re not going for the classic video game look then you should try to improve the dragon’s texture a little bit, other than that everything looks good.

hey there.

The scales on the dragon do look a bit large, but I don’t know the source material so it may fine for all I know. My main crit would be that the lighting is too flat, theres no contrast, light and shade. Everything is just really bright, try making the light a touch more dramatic, to match the drama of whats going on

Wiil do, BTW the source image.

Will do,thank you:D

hey, is the contest should be as a frame from an in-game graphic? or as an image by itself?
as an image by itself you should organize your composition better. I would seperate megaman more then the dragon and bricks. actually your first post is working better in this regard. for example so you have first group of dragon+bricks and second group of megaman (maybe closer to camera) as well.

your megaman is very reflective, i would add some dirt maps to him that would also reduce some of the reflections.

your dragon design is very different from the rest of the image. especially because of his textures. doesn’t fit very well with the cyber environment. also he looks very flat. actually like an image plane.
get some shadows on him, and also you can add a baked ambient occlusion map to his texture, to push out his form
I’m not sure if the scale is a problem, you can play with it, to see what fits better, but when you scale it down he will look more on distance and leave more empty space in your image. but i do think that the difference between megaman and the dragon should be much bigger.

your ground is completely separated from the broken bricks. you could add some cracks to it and also some small broken bricks over it. right not it looks like 2 separated images.

good luck and welcome to the forum

How about now:-

It looks better, but you can work on the scale of the metal texture. Right now I feel like the characters are very small. And maybe you want to model the floor yourself. I see that you’re using a texture, which makes it look more realistic, but it doesn’t fit with the other characters, who don’t exactly look realistic. You may want to have a coherent cartoony feel to the entire image.

It looks nice, especially the shader on megaman, however the dragon looks very flat. You should make some more interesting shaders for it and play around with light and shadow a bit more. Also you should add motion blur to the broken pieces to give it a more dynamic look. It would also be nice with some DoF.

I have enabled motion blur and moved the rocks to get a blurry rocks as the rocks are moving away. Changed camera angle a little and Made dragon a bit large.

Should i add Radial or zoom blur to this image?
What about lens flare?
Any other post pro you can suggest?

the texture on the metal looks flat, are you using a displacement on this? If so , bump it up a little. Also I think you have too much environment lighting, tone it down a little and you will see some shadows pop, and some instant depth come to the image. Tweak the left leg of megaman too, seems like there is an s bend going to the knee.

I don’t want to be completely negative, it’s a great start with a beloved character. Keep going, there are improvements with every post.

(plus, I can critique better than I can create… I think that is the same for most of us)

Sure, will do.But there is no environment lighting, it’s just the texture.

you are lighting with and hdr image? turn back the strength a little then? see what it looks like then? Maybe someone else is noticing what I am and has an idea

I’m changing my Style now.The dragon will not have textures but have robotic parts now.More updates to come.

Can you tinge the dragon’s eyes very slightly ultramarine? I think that might help make them look more real. His fangs might stand out better by contrast when you do that.