First Crack at a Game Character

So here’s my first crack at a game character. Still have to do the texture maps. I’d like to rig him and import him into Unity to see how that works. But that’s a ways off, one step at a time. This has been a great crash course on the Blender sculpt tools.

Here’s the original sketch.

A color version:

Here’s the low-poly model:

and the high-poly sculpt:

Whaddya think?

Well so far it looks fantastic… More than a shot mate, looks pro if you ask me.
No crits
Well done

I think it’s looking pretty good so far, nice!

Looks great! No crits at all!

I like it. I could use a tutorial for the modeling :slight_smile:

@dfa yeah, definitely, but the drawing is just amazing too! Look at that color version! Man i wish i had drawing skills…

Just a minor nitpicky thing though, i noticed you had triangles in some places, but it looks like they dont bring the hi res mesh down or cause any strange deformations…

Very coool mate!