First Cycles animation test - Murphy Bed

Well my first stab at doing an animation using cycles. About 27 hrs rendering for about for about 13 sec of video…yikes and that was just using limited global illumination at 750 passes. I’ve got a lot to learn but I’m really enjoying cycles. I did do a little levels adjustment and noise reduction in my compositing program.

I did all the modeling except for the plant. The bedspread and carpet textures were from and the plant was modeled and courtesy of Blender Guru

this was cool :slight_smile:

Looks good. You should’ve use cloth simulation on bed for more realistic result.

Actually I did use the cloth simulator for the bedspread, What I should have done perhaps, was animate it more in some way. I pretty much got the bedspread to shape over the matress using the simulator while the bed was down, I picked a frame that worked and baked the cloth into a mesh. The bedspread was challenging for me because there is such a tight space that it had to fit into right before the bed fully closed. But I agree that the mesh probably should have been animated, because it would move around some as the bed was raised (or lowered. Thanks for checking out the animation and for your suggestion.