First cycles render and composite. The Cartographers' Guild Compass Rose

Since no one commented before I fixed some of the self-identified problems, I figured I’d just edit post with new image. I need to figure out a way to make the cork look “dirtier” on the bottom, preferably procedurally, but if not, I can just do a proper unwrap and just paint it. I also want to kill off the feather and replace it with a dip pen. Any other feedback on composition or anything else?

This is the logo to my website, and I modeled it in Max many years ago…I just recently brought it over to Blender to test my rendering chops.

My 2cents:

  1. The tool in the upper part is cut by the frame in kind of a random way. But maybe it’ okay.
  2. For me, the whole image brightness/gamma is a little too dark.
  3. There are some issues in quality/materials settings. Like those bright highlights on glass and reflective part of the feather. I don’t know if this is a fault of the environment map which you use for lighting, or the materials, filtering settings, but it doesn’t look good.

In general, the main object in the scene looks the best :slight_smile: