First day using blender... The material menu to the right doesn't show??

My material menu to the bottom right is like this

when its supposed to be like this

how do i fix this? thanks guys!

Different render engines use different material systems. You can change the render engine at the top of the blender interface. The default render is ‘Blender Render’ and uses the material setting you show in your first image. The Cycles renderer uses the material settings in your bottom image

Thanks silly me! But what is the difference between Blender Render and Cycle Render? Which one should be used?

whichever one you want to use,both give different results and work differently.

ah I see, btw I’m new to this forum do I have to wait for moderator’s approval for every post I make?

There is a set of beginner tutorials here:

All the tutorials are short and you can watch the entire set of tutorials in a few hours. Once completed you will have a pretty good understanding of what Blender is, and how it works.