First demo of my game featuring prerendered Blender sprites

(leondroog) #1

Just finished my first game, the units are all prerendered blender models.
The current map is stil handdrawn in photoshop and looks a bit crappy, but i’m working on some new maps with blender rendered tiles.

Check out the game on .It’s an strategy/shoot’m up game so it plays a little weird at first, so check out the manual first.

Tell me what you think of it.

(Zweistein) #2

Really nice game. I played it one hour :wink:
Cool game.

(hannibar) #3

looks lovely. I haven’t tried it yet, but I will when I get back from holidays :slight_smile:

ps : is it playable on XP?

(Pooba) #4

Hey, that’s a nice game! I couldn’t figure it out at first, but then i got it by watching the little demonstration thing. If the computer can buidl that fast, how are you supposed to beat him?


(Pooba) #5

Hey! how come the blue plane can kill me but even though my turrets hit him 5 times and i shoot him 50 times he doesn’t die?!


(leondroog) #6

The game is still in beta stage and needs a lot of balancing. The game is probably to hard at the beginning (although the computer player plays quite predictable and should be easy to beat eventually)

The red plane is just as strong as the blue plane it’s just that when you hang over your own factory you get repaired automatically.
If you shooting at an enemy plane hanging over it’s own factory it’s very hard to kill beacuse it repairs itself. Although three to four sams/turrets, combined with you attacking the enemy plane yourself should be able to kill the enemy plane even though it is hanging over the factory.

I have found that some people find the game a bit hard to play. I will give you the following starting tips.
first build four soldiers programmed to occuppy a factory, and send them to the factory directly below the HQ. Then you should have just enough money to build one lighttank and one normal Tank programmed on hold and place them in front of the factory directly to the right of the HQ. These two units should be able to kill most enemy soldiers trying to occupy that factory. Now build more soldiers and occupy some more factories until you earn enough money to build some sams/turrets and you can start the counter attack.

(joecool) #7

why don’t you post the .blend file?

(S_W) #8

Perhaps I understood something wrong, but I think the game wasn’t created with Blender, but programmed using C++ and only the sprites are rendered with Blender.

BTW: It’s a great game (though it is not created with Blender… :wink: )

(Sonarman) #9

Looks really cool! Are you going to release the source code? Do you think the source code would build on MacOS X or other kinds of UNIX (Linux)? I’d really like to try it, it looks awesome! But if you don’t want to release the source-code that’s cool. Good job though!

Sonarman 8)

(jeotero) #10

ooops the problem of reading multiple post at the same time, i was going to post that in another page :stuck_out_tongue: