First Digital Art

Hey everyone! I just got my first tablet today finally and I’m proud to present my first piece of digital art!

Nice piece of artwork

The bird is good, but the sky background doesn’t have much depth. I have seen a couple of good cloud/sky tutorials out there for photoshop.

@Mr Blender thank you!
@Modron Thanks I’ll try to find them :slight_smile:

Yea looks real nice. I remember the day I got my tablet… So much fun.

I think you should loose 90% of the clouds. Being the same colour as the birds feathers it really makes it hard to distinguish and takes away from the detail. Go for a rich desert blue (keeping the gradient, just less difference at the extremes) and go for a few wispy token clouds. :slight_smile:

@Loyhogg thanks haha yes it is fun and I’ll make those edits in probably a few minutes

right now I’m working on a pin-up type picture using a mix of tuts including the new one on blendercookie and it’s going pretty well i think, I’m trying to get into MyPaint but i don’t know how to or if i even can make the brushes different sizes… so i might just stick to photoshop and gimp