first entery here

hey guys , so ive been doing a character ( still some to go ) but i thought i would start animating.

and so this is my first try,


Too much bounce. When a person lands, the legs and arm, in this situation, only needs to absorb the impact once.

hey and thx for the comment. but, if u jump down and when u absorb the impact, u reach the deepest and the the muscles pull u up a alittle just to fall down ? ,

good job for the character and the start of the animation.

I think the fall is a bit fast, you could slow it down a bit.

And also, you need to have a lot more offset, in time and in composition. Especially the legs, compo is really symetrical. For the offset in time, the top of the body should go down after. think of how the impact would move in the body, first the feet, then the knees, hips, spine and then the head. You can offset the timing of everything in that order so that when your hip might go back up, the head is still going down. Doing it this way will also help you to bend the elbow of the arm absorbing the chock giving the feeling of organic move.

I hope it will help you!


Not from that impact. Try taking a second and jump into a squat position. The body does just keep moving once it lands. The nervous system takes a moment to realize that it went through a sense of shock as the kinetic energy goes though the body. Once the energy is gone, the body can then rise up and either get into a standing position, stay in the squatting position, or start back explosively jumping again. Inorganic objects can bounce again because they don’t have a nervous system to react to.

Hey Mathias and xero, Thx alot for the feedback Will get on it right away and post the progress. Cheers :slight_smile:

hello guys, so here is my new and best attempt. I also filmed my self with my phone jumping down from the sofa to get some reference… :slight_smile: what do u think ?

Tooo slow.
what are you going for here?
In many super hero animations there is no bounce at all. The drop is fast one frame in the camera for the fall and the rest is still and slow but for the dust and debris and cracked concrete. Boom he hits hard and fast. No cushion.
For you and me there is a cushion as our muscles slow the fall. In the normal human fall the body move’s down a little less each frame, as we slow to a stop. But the fraction of a second has only a few frames. One way to do it (I do not remember what it is called) Start at when his feet touch down and key frame. Then key frame when he has caught all his weight and is at rest. Then in between these 2 key-frames, in the very middle of the key frames, pull him down lower some and key frame there. The adjust your curves in the graph editor.
After that, its all new. Your muscles have stopped the fall and you get to choose if it is only the head or everything (but your muscles are always adjusting some) moves. There may be some, catch your balance, if you wish.
At 30 fps I would not have more then 10 frames for the whole fall, unless you want slow motion. It is fast to fall. I think I would start with 7 from when he is in camera till he is stopped. Then if he is to rest there it is all about shuttle movements. The slow head raise or the survey the horizon.
That’s my two cents

hello kazinger and thx for the cents :wink: … this is to slow agree, but this was just to show HER :wink: body is reacting to the floor.

But i dont know what u mean about the bounce , since i have none in the secound video ? , in the first one agree… hehe there u got a trampolin :stuck_out_tongue: but in the secound one i dident put in a bouncing movment… cheers btw her hair isent on … : P

Hi rybergs, I think your animation is already a bit better. I would agree that now it’s a bit too slow and it seems that the character is slowing way too fast and too soon.

As for the bounce, you have to see what works. Animation is an art and so there isn’t a formula… you can either try to copy reality or play with principles. For example with this animation your bounce would be acting like a squash and stretch.

hey mathias , and thx , well its a work in progres. so here is a faster one , forgot to turn one light on for this but well well … :slight_smile:

can go even faster iguess but this is where im at now cheers

so tweaked alittle and here it is … cheers

The recovery was good, but there’s still something odd going on with the landing. Did you happen to move a Master Bone to move the body down during the landing?

Hey xero, and THx , no the master Bone Only moves when she jumps down , then it the torso bone thaat moves to bend her knees . But for sure can be tweaked a bit more :slight_smile:

Hi rybergs, it is much better now! I would do 2 things next,

1- the shoulder are too flat/symetrical. you should twist the spine to have the shoulder of the hand that is going to touch the ground lower than the other one.

2- your upper body is already bend has she enter the frame. it should be more straight and bend when she’s absorbing the chock.

Hey Mathias and THx alot :slight_smile: yes Will do that , great tips! Unfortunatly im not going to be able to post anything until wendsday do to im on holyday in England right now :slight_smile: but Will definetly do this when i get home . THx agien until next time :slight_smile: cheers

I had a feeling that was going on. To make it feel a bit more organic, don’t move the master bone during this action. Instead, move the hands, feet, and torso down then follow as normal through out the rest of the animation.

hey guys so a little tweaking after my holiday in london . and i took som time on the shoulder dtop aswell… And i think from the first entery to this its a good improvment. , what do u think ? cheers