First Entry to Blender F1 Challenge

Well, I needed to do a bit of mechanical modelling to update the portfolio, started a concept car and then all the threads started popping up for the F1 challenge. Having never entered before, why not kill two birds with one stone? I thought to myself. I instantly took my own advice and here is the progress thus far.

Original Concept Image

It looks excellent. I’m sure it’ll look even better once you start bulking it out with some more of the stuff from the concept. The only thing that bugs me at this point is that the seat seems too shiny, but other than that it looks incredible. I’m sure this will make a commanding entry into the F1.

Thanks Zepher, I think I left reflection on the seat, just wanted to get some idea of colours.
Blender internal with a HDRI by the way.

I’m surprised that nobody noticed that it looks like it’s inspired by Star Wars!
nice job anyway.

Hehe, yeah. Whilst I wasn’t intentionally trying, I am a fan. I looked at the design after I started the modelling and realised it had the front veins of a speeder bike, the top engines like an x-wing with rear bits like a y-wing. Maybe I could push that and model some little pit-droids. A Star Wars racing scene without Little Annie, Padme and JarJar… hmm.

I didn’t want to make the SW comp. If it looks like it fits into Star Wars, I would so take that as a compliment.

No Jar Jar, mmmmm…

I wouldn’t mind seeing Padme driving this one! :wink:

This is a great start! I think the concept art is awesome (would make a great desktop)!
Post more updates when you can.


A senator who was a queen on a fairly rural planet who happened to be handy with a pistol and fly a starfighter can also drive a ridiculously fast racer. Bit of a stretch. I do have a female character in the works - - but I dont know if I’ll have time to finish her and the car to use them in the same image. Would be nice though.

So many entries already, and thats just the ones who are posting! Not much of an update, but I figured I’d better make some progress before everyone leaves me behind.

@CurtisS - thanks for the compliments, I think I have the concept art in higher resolution, I could tidy it up and pm you a copy if you actually want it.

@innactpro - I had a darker than usual, but funny thought of doing an image with JarJar just getting elbowed into a large turbine. I wouldnt go through with it, but it was a eerily satisfying image in my mind.

PS. I dont mind Star Wars talk in this thread, I kind of brought it on myself, but crits on the racer are what I’m after… :eyebrowlift: On that note - do people reckon this racer would look better or worse without sponsor stickers over it? I might do a mockup on the concept rt, but they would be funny inside sci-fi references done to look like real companies (eg, “Drink Slurm,” that sort of thing.) I’ve come this far, may as well ‘wear my influences on my sleeve’ so to speak.


i say try some sponsor stickers, and make it look a bit roughed up too.

good racer, looks so shiny :smiley:

The Slurm sticker is a must :slight_smile:

The model looks nice, I would try to flesh it out a bit personally…

Looks solid, purposeful, and professional. Keep going.

Still no sponsor stickers, although I’m sold on the idea once the modelling is done.
General progress, more to come. Glass HUD not showing up to well, need to work on the material later.

Great work. I can’t wait to see it finish. Did you think about environment? I recommend dusty ground which could illustrate strength of bottom trust. Some racing marks would be nice also.

When it is done do you think you could do a “showroom” render without sponsor stickers too?

wow great f1. keep up the good work!

Its a thought for the environment. Basically the storage hangar the morning of the race. If I finish a character, they will be doing tuneups or getting ready to ‘reverse out’. I like the look of the camera angle overall, but its a shot that would show minimal detail of the vehicle from front profile…

Go for an environment that will not distract from your F1. I like your concept but definately change the camera angle.

Ciao for now!


Inspired by SW or not you have a sweet model there. Beautiful and functional. I agree with CurtisS about not letting the environment detract but I like what you have for your concept. I would just use a 3/4 angle to show a good beauty shot of your F1. IMO you might want to dull some areas so the overall model is not so shiny. I’m a fan of “weathering” :wink: But like I said that’s just my opinion. :stuck_out_tongue:

Really nice work. Looking forward to the progress.

I guess I am in a contradicting mood!

I both agree, and disagree with the above 2 posts.

I agree that your last scene/concept lose a lot of the great details of a very well done model. BUT although this is a F1 contest, the environment is and should be important, your last concept loose the focal point on the F1, in your case I think it’s a loss as your model is good, but with your attention to details the environment might be enough to pull it off.

So I will reluctantly agree that maybe you should change the camera angle a little, but, do what is fun :slight_smile:

Great work, and good luck!

Well DarkDays66, hopefully this will please both sides of your brain. :slight_smile:
Same scene idea, diff angle, still managed to have the ‘exit’ showing.
Playing with Yafray now, seeing if it gets any faster rendering. Not sure. Only a still, so not that fussed for speed, more quality. (artefacts on the wall, I know.)