First episode of new animation

Here is a new animation we just finished. Comments are welcome. We tried various things to get a good look.

Pretty funny for a short. However, I wasn’t sure on the movement. Did you make the movement on the characters so stiff like that on purpose? Was it the frame rate? Also, is this your first animation?

yes this is our first…and the movement we are working on. I would like it to be smoother.

Take a look at the movment for the crab. The way that the eyes move and the way the claws move makes it seem like you are still using pose to pose. That is what it makes it looks like stop motion animation. What is needed to improve the animation is inbetweens and archs. Inbetweens are frames inbetween the key poses that makes the animation a lot smoother. Since you are moving the eyes, use archs on the way the eyes move gives it a bit more of an organic feel. If you want, I can provide an example of how it works to help you out.

Yea that is the prob I am running into is Linar is not giving me the reaction i wanted . I would be glad to look at what you have. I feel that I am so close but not quite.

Well it took me a while with the file because of issues with the constraints, but here’s the file I made about making a bit more organic movement.

Animation Study 1.blend (548.8 KB)

Thanks a ton. I finally got bendy bones to work for me after checking out your example. I also add IK to the legs. Again thanks and watch for our next adventure.

Cool. I’ll keep a look out for it.