First ever attempt at realism

Here is my attempt at moving away from low poly with help of blender guru.

Bit dark tho

Video doesn’t play for me here on the forum. It does play at dropbox, though a bit jerky.

It is too dark… so it’s kind of hard to judge materials and details as to realism. Still, looks pretty cool.

I can’t see the video, either on Firefox or Chromium. My guess is that the forum does not support DropBox videos.

Yea, it’s pretty dark…
It’s kinda strange because I am rendering the video from png frames who are a lot brighter. They are 8k and it took me a little while to figure out how to render it without it glitching everywhere (my graphic card cant render 8k).

??? Even when I upload to web ^^^^ it becomes a LOT Darker. Like - this same image on my pc is bright enough to see enough…

This is original vs screenshot of original…
Thats wierd… hmm

That is strange.

To get a look at the details I had to download and adjust the levels in Photoshop:

The modelling and details look really good.

To get back some of the mood I think you might be going for (and to add a bit of depth to the scene), I took the brightened version and darkened the end of the corridor and the edges of the image:

So if you can figure out the image darkening issue and maybe adjust the scene lighting a bit, you’ll have a pretty cool render going here.