First ever cars

Today was the first ever that I made Low poly cars. Right now, I’m making them for far away use, or other cars that are used to fill up space (i.e. cars you don’t drive).

Please give me C&C. Thanks.

This car is a Chevy Box Van.


Hey, that looks god :slight_smile:

The only crit is on the texture, seems to be so stretched, and looks a little bit flat… too photographic, but it depends of the direction of the art you want :wink:

Good work :slight_smile:

I know, some places I had to stretch it. I got the photos from eBay, so I had to use what I got.

I want to take pictures of my own, so I might do that soon.

Thanks a lot!

Edit: Oh, and both trucks are 2566 together.

… I only see one truck… (4 views of it, anyways)

looks nice. too nice. is they very high res? go for less res, especially if this will be seen at a distance.

True. Each one is over 1000K polys. Up close it’s not bad, seriously, but the front window is really the only thing.

J09 my other ones aren’t finished. :slight_smile:

Thanks again guys!

Well done! Looks good to go to me!..Only critt would be the rims…they look a bit skew! Suppose you wouldn’t see that from far though!..:slight_smile:

The angle they are at makes them like that, you know what I mean? The picture was at a tad of an angle.
Thanks though! :smiley:

Here is my forth, a camper. I am also working on another camper now.

I’ll be giving all these away for free.

edit: the texture quality looks horrible, but if you go directly to the side review or somewhat close to the side view, it’s just fine.


And here is another camper.


These look great!
My fav is still the chev box van…must be cause you can pop the hood!..:slight_smile: