First-Ever Finished Character!

Tetsuo Nailo the Chibi Elf(I’ll make a cheapo full-size version of him sometime or another) in a swords pose! Yah! I rigged him all this morning, and here’s the link to his picture:

Enjoy! Although his body is successfully rigged and skinned, I’m having trouble with the eyes, eyelids, and the mouth. Any tips on rigging the face for making bones-driven emotions?


:smiley: With this chibi character, maybe it’s better to use animated texture instead.
This is a very low poly mesh, and challenging to do so. Low polys yield faster renderings. I did a test render with full background, lighting and props. So far it is up to 26 seconds per frame. I haven’t placed this in the “Works In Progress”, yet. It is a huge project that I have been working on, and putting off, for a long time. I just didn’t want to post something that I wasn’t capable of finishing. BUT, since you are in the same boat as me, I figured that I could share some of my experience and maybe help you along.

Tips? I am in the process of doing cartoon animation. Here’s what I am doing, and it is based on what I have researched on the web, and here at the forum.

What I do, is create the body mesh and then create a head mesh. The body is one single mesh with multiple textures & materials, one for the hands, one for the pants, one for the shirt, etc… It is all one mesh, that makes it easier for rigging and bones.

I do the head separate, as one mesh, including the teeth and the tongue. Again, I use multiple materials and textures. I do this for the head, because it is easier for lip-syncing to have those components as one mesh. You can hide and manipulate each item (teeth, tongue, and face) separately by grouped vertices.

Now, I use RVKs for facial/lip-sync expressions.

The eye-balls, eyelids, and eye brows are separate meshes. This isn’t the best way, but effective. I also use RVKs to control them.

Now I parent the eyes, lids, brows to the head. I parent the head to the body.

Then I do the bones and rigging.