First ever finished model! (except for color and textures)

smoothend it out a bit, and finished the head. Id say it looks cool (also added gloves)
i just dont know how to put color and stuff onto him, maybe even a belt. Any help? maybe a tut or something.

thanks, Tell me what u think! BUT DONT FORGET: its my first one! :slight_smile:

Congratulations on your accomplishment! For your very first organic model, this is actually looking ok. :slight_smile: Except for the fact that his hands are growing out of his elbows…

LOL no! those r gloves

Heh. Not too bad! my first render was a cube. I thought I was really working with high end technology. Of course it was on a p166 and I loaded blender from a floppy disk. Yes I’m old. Keep blending you can only get better.

thats an uncannily realistic model of my ex gf.

Nicely done for your first organic, they’re the hardest. Have you done any tuts? As to texturing… well, that’s a very frightening subject for newbies, and is for me =). So I can’t help you on that one. Do you want a crit on the model itself?

Nice model for your first one, but the gloves look too thin. Also, press the Set Smooth button to make it look better. You’ll have to do some unwrapping, which is pretty nicely and quicky explained in this tutorial(scroll down to see it) by Chris (magiciandude). He totally helped me out, so if you have any problems, I would recommend PM-ing him.