First ever low poly car.

This is my first ever car, complete, er, maybe not all complete, but what ever. I’ve modeled other cars, but texturing I never did on a car, and this is my attempt at it.

I can’t figure out how to use the mirror modifier to mirror it. is there a way to mirror it and join them so it’s one mesh and I can edit both sides? just wondering.

C&C welcome.

It’s an Isuzu Trooper.


First of all: Wrong forum. Should be in WIP.

Other than that, the car looks well-modeled, though the texturing needs a little work, the back texture and the side texture clearly don’t mesh well together at all.

With the mirror modifier, you can just click on the “apply” button and it will convert it to a mesh. you may need to remove doubles (editmode, select all vertices, W, remove doubles), but it’ll work.

sweet :smiley:

you cant mirror in the GE. the best you could do is alt-d it and scale by -1 on the axis…problem is that thall probly result in screwy normals. just join it :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone :smiley:

Didn’t know it didn’t go here, since it’s not a game or anything.

Here is my third one. Textures/modeling are a lot better.

Also, in the Isuzu one, I started with a plane >.< LOL

This is a Chevy BOX Van. I found the images on eBay.


you can just set up a mirror modifier and apply it?

I did but it didn’t put it in the direction I needed it.

Ctrl-M also will mirror the selected vertices. You can set your cursor to the place you want the mesh mirrored over and select rotate by cursor and the mirroring is easy.


any C&C on my newest one?

made a new thread in WIP

One of the HARDEST things to do in the BGE is to make low polly models that still look good. I think you have achieved that with these models :yes:

Thank you McBain!