First Ever Mesh


I have been using Blender for 3 days now. I have used Blender Cookie’s basics tutorials to learn blenders features, maneuvering around the software etc…; this helped me greatly and I am extremely thankful.

I have created a few projects now, just following tutorials from Blender Cookie and Blender Guru. I then saw the human face mesh tutorial and it excited me as I have always wanted to design a person on a computer in 3D.

Here is my human head mesh that I created. Please bear in mind this is my third day with Blender and this was also my first attempt at doing this.

Please comment, criticizing comments also welcomed in order to improve. :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks, Danny.

Looks very good mate, for a 3rd day render it is very good, remember mine and wasn’t anything like this. I did find that modelling a simple scene in my first few weeks taught me the most so I’d recommend that to get you going. A good suggestion is the coffee cup tutorial on Blender Cookie, that taught me loads about modelling and rendering, and I found it to be a good starting point in my work :slight_smile:

Keep it up mate


Yea I have done the basic videos and the coffee cup on day one.

Day two was the car tyre.

And day three was the human mesh.
As you can see I have been on Blender constantly. Spent hours on end on Blender over the last three days.
Even at college, I installed it to my memory stick and was playing with it in my programming class. Teacher wasn’t happy, but I’m obsessed with it! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback.

what’ll it be on day 2457??? a full planet??? a full animation of skorpionox??? an animation of a destroyed city textured right down to the last manhole???

ok im tired its been a long day… keep up the good work:D

Awesome you’ve done loads in three days! here was my first coffee cup, that was like after a week or so though, so you’ve made loads of progress.

I should be revising for blooming exams, but end on this everyday almost, it’s not good :s if i fail in life i shall blame blender foundation!

Really good job for a third day!

What i’d suggest for the head:
Go to scene tab, turn on simplyfy and check “Skip quad to triangles”.
Use Smooth shading.
Add a subsurf modifier.
Finish the model, add details (nose, mouth, eyes, etc).

Keep going :slight_smile: practice makes perfect :smiley: