First ever Model - Bullet Bill

Hi, im a complete noob when it comes to modelling and such. I decided to start with something i thought looked simple, and that was a bullet bill. Took about 5 hours total haha. Hands took ages, ended up creating a icosphere and skulpting to the best of my ability. Any C&C welcome :slight_smile:


First comment - I came in here to look at a noobie model. That my friend si not a noobish model. Seems you got your textures going pretty good and know what your doing somewhat cause that looks pretty darn good.

My only suggestions is to work on the particles a bit - I don’t know what it is but I think mainly is that they are stuck in a cylinder and it looks kinda odd, and his hand in the front view picture looks kinda strange with his fingers. I see the edge put on but its hard to distinguish where the fingers are.

Otherwise I have to say the coloring and eyes are pretty much prefect. Try adding a background too.

Very nice


very nice! :wink:

my only crits are the same as nicktechyguy! :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice 1st model! And no you are not a noob, you can more appropriately call yourself a newb, if you must.Your model is done very well, but I noticed when googling bullet bill there are rings around his shoulders,and I have to agree with the rest of them, improve the particles coming out of him. Keep Blendin’!

sweet good job

Thanks for the nice comments everyone :slight_smile: i doubt i’ll work on this any further. I’d like to start a new model. Does anyone have any ideas? :slight_smile:

Well you seem to be good at UV mapping. Try a space ship, a building, or something of the sort. Keep Blending!

Nice model! I have been blending for at least 1 and half year and never completed a single project that looks so finished:p if you are lookin a real challenge i would suggest a car or your own head!:slight_smile: I’m currently trying to make my own portrait in 3d, i found this to be VERY helpfull and interesting: but what ever u decide to do remember to have fun and experiment freely, what i have learned to be best is to begin with small and simple and try to improve in every time u do a next model. Also, read about different modelling tecniques and examine models made by pros and see how they did edgeloops, textures etc.:cool: