First ever 'real' game

Well here it is! Took me an hour total. Screenies:


The DL just has the .exe and the instructions. Extract the exe into your Blender root directory where all of the necessary Python .DLLs are.

cool… but er… what do you do on it?

You push a box?

If it’s your first game, why did you export it as an exe? Can’t you just post the blend? It’s smaller and easier to deal with, and EVERYBODY that uses blender can play it, not just Windows users.

I can’t open it.

Tell me those pillars aren’t sculpted. Way too many polys, man.

Haha pillars aren’t sculpted, just subdivided and then partially scaled to give a fractal effect (yes, a lot of polys but looks pretty cool). I am not on the computer right now w/ the .blend file, but I will upload it when I get it! As for the “objective”, read the instructions.txt file. Everyone always ignores the readme’s, tsk tsk. It is a VERY basic game but it is fun to screw around with (wacky physics).

There’s no .txt instructions file either bud…

There are a lot of linux users and some mac users in here.
Remember that Windows is NOT the operative system out there.


Open a terminal

 blenderplayer BoxPush.exe

Simple as that. Seriously. (The Linux blenderplayer will find the .blend file in the exe and play it.)

Edit: The sounds don’t work, though, but that’s because of the Linux Blender sound problem (the sound files need to be unpacked to work). But why don’t you just use the blendxtractor Python script if you want the .blend that badly? Or you could always run it in Wine or CXGames (worth the money, IMO)… I’m building a Windows app with the BGE right now, and I’m using Wine to test it. Works fine.

Edit Edit: But you’re very right that there is no .txt README file with this game, and there is no obvious point to it that I could figure out. I’m going to need a bit more direction to be able to make heads or tails of it.

Wow that IS odd :confused: I could have sworn I packed it into the .txt! Well here:
W,A,S,D, SPACE to move/jump
‘B’ key plays music track
Push the boxes around to move them
Use the yellow conveyor belt to get the boxes to the top of the mtn
Get them all into the receiver to activate the win message that will appear inside the temple
Glitch: You can jump WHENEVER you are touching ANYTHING (push against something and hold space bar :P)

make it a blend.

Holy crap increase the mouse sensitivity please. It’s SO low.

lots of colors, not tried it yet but looks good