First ever scene


Can any one point me towards the clouds2 plugin for windows ta!

I know the lighting is a bit off going to fix that. I want to make some more realistic clouds hence the question about the plugins… :wink:

I like it as far as a first scene goes. You might consider adding a bit more detail and working on the textures - the wood, at least I suppose it is wood, looks a bit odd, and needs work. I’m not sure what look you want with the bowl, but if it is supposed to be metallic try raymir and fresnel with higher spec/hard settings. The clouds also need work and until you get that plugin you might consider simply using a skymap ([email protected] has some great ones, search the forum) to do your background. The plane seems to drop off rather quickly into the sky, giving it the impression of a floating plane - perhaps extend that a bit further. Anyhow. Nice job for a first blend. Keep it up.

In my mind, I took out a grease-pencil and drew a box around the center of the picture. A nice, tight crop. There’s your picture.

good start.
ok… we have a bowl on a plate on a table… the textures are a bit funky ;). maybe you need to add something to the bowl. fruit, uh, whatever. fruit in a bowl is a classic still-life.
…and the bottom of the bowl is too round looking. looks like it’d fall right over. i’d flatten it a little bit.


Cheers :slight_smile:

I know everythings a bit funky at the moment. Will work on it./