first experiments with modelin' and textures!

I’m new to blender, for a week or so now…here is my first try to model and texture :slight_smile:

I don’t know how to make a “face-bump-map” or apply different materials to the same object on different meshes, or how to use vertex-paint…but it turned out better than I thought, even though it’s very simple :slight_smile:


wow, your catching on quickly, but its kinda dark, try turning on AO.

Very nice for only one week. I still can’t do textures worth anything but they look really good! Can’t wait to see more!

Very impressive for a first try, espically with the high texture resolution.

thanks for looking up on my pic :slight_smile:

I spent quite a lot of time experimenting with the textures and had to restart many times to get somthing resembling to what I wanted…it’s the best I could come up with.

The textures are all from inside blender, from the noise-maker thing…I wish I could manually make the first bump-map for the scales in photoshop, to make the more symmetrical and custom for the lips and eyes. It’s probably possible, just need to find a tutorial on how to do it…

I should take a step back tho, I need to learn how to make the model better, a full model…

Would it be a better idea to model the scales properly? omg, that would take a lot of work…

and, anyone know a tutorial for skinning in blender?

  1. Assign some material to the object
  2. Enter in EDIT MODE and select some faces
  3. Go to EDITING option and look in Links and Materials
  5. Press ASSIGN

Now you use two materials on one object (mesh).

thanks! that helped out :slight_smile:

I’ve returned to the basics again now, need some skills in modeling and softbody-making, texturing cups and tables can be fun, more fun though when you texture your own model/concept!

It’s harder than I thought though, somehow the subsurfacing can be annoying…then most of the time you can’t live without it…