First Face

Hello everybody,

I’ve been with 3d apps for a while but always shunned organic modelling, so now that I started with blender I wanted to give it a try.

I am mainly looking for some critique on the face loops as I hope to get a fully animatable(spelling?) human(although I intend to use him/her toon shaded in the end)

I have the full history saved here:

but for those who don’t want to wait on slow servers I have uploaded it here as well:
render(quick and dirty)

Not a bad start at all Agony. You have alot of the features close, but faces are pretty exact:P The lips look fairly good, but very thin, like they belonged on a smaller face. I also noticed the top and the top back of the head are too small. Keep studying the image and working on the model and I am sure you can come much closer to the reference image:)

if that is so, next head I make will be a copy of my own face:D it’s always easier to model something I can touch…

Anything I should approach differently?

I am no expert on modeling faces, but my only tip is to learn the correct methods for modeling. Did you watch the video video on modeling the face you worked on? If not, try this link; . There is alot of great info on this site as well.