First facial anim

Hello all,

This is my first attempt at facial animation w/vertex keys and eyes (also my first submission)! It’s very simple, but it’s really just a test to get my head around some of the Blender concepts. I know the modeling of the head isn’t great (30-min. model), but it’s more of an “animateabilty” exercise. Have mercy on a noob. Imagine “Wow” as the audio.

DivX 6.0 - 2sec. (60k)


Problems yet to sort out:

  1. Slight white rim around the lens of the eye at edge-on angles. (I used the BlenderChar tut for the eyes)
  2. Keeping the eyes in their sockets when deforming head mesh with armatures.
  3. More keys/modeling improvements . . . and a body at some point.

The 2.4 improvements have been a great help to me. I’ve dabbled in the past, but the new animation models have made the process easier (for me) to understand. Kudos to the developers and the community. I promise I’ll get good at this someday :wink:

Yes, I believe you’ll be good at this someday. Nice try!

Therm0s,I think it’s good so far. I think I know what you mean about the rim of the eye. In the last few days I too was looking at the BlenderChar Pixar eye tutorial, and I found that you had to muck about with the edge size of the cornea to make it sit flush with the rest of the eye.

You must be a cluey guy to workout the Iris trick in that Pixar Eye tutorial on your first go. It took me weeks to workout that you had to Control-j all the meshes in the eye to make the Iris Texture work. Yes I know, the tutorial says so on the last line, but I kind of missed that the first few goes. Silly me. :smiley:

I don’t know what you mean about the eyes moving, I suppose if you parent the eyes to the Armature Head bone you won’t have that problem.