First Female Head model

First Female Head attempt in blender. C&C appreciated

not bad. seems kind of flat though. maybe bring the chin out a bit. but besides that it’s pretty good. keep it up!

chin looks to long and dus not come out far enough. there are a few artefacts around the eye.

technically its not a head, just a face;)

Very nice. Showing the wireframe would help too. Did you use any of Mr_Bomb’s videos? If you didn’t, they are great. Hints - top lip needs to be a little softer on the edge, bottom one even more so, and a bit more ‘bublous’ ie fatter. Where the side of the nose meets the chin looks a bit like skin is pulled downwards, should be like a little circle and much softer. (this part in particular is where reference photo and wireframe would help us help you.) Under the eye towards the nose side looks very sharp, bring some of it out forward more to soften the slope under the eye. Chin is a bit sharp on the side.

Dont get me wrong with the list of hints though, this is a really good start, the proportions are quite good, which can often be the harder side of things. Good luck with the ears and everything else, keep it up!

ITS A FLOATING FACE :open_mouth: thanks for the comment about the chin, I didnt really realize that. the eyes arn’t perfect although Im content with them.

fixed chin

I’m more interested in what those symbols are in the top right. They look like buttons but I can’t press them :frowning: It’s buggin me man!

As for the model, I think it has nice flow and shape, but to be honest I see it as more of a man than a women. A very feminan man, but still a man. I also feel as though this would do better as a WIP so far, as I think that you should model the rest of the face. Also a touch of colour for some class would do you well. Or a pretty texture (like artsy flowers) or something UV mapped to the face, because at the moment it’s a white face mask, with an almost white background. There’s not too much too critique on.

I agree with most of what redbyte said at least the second part.
@redbyte the symbols are showing that the pic is undera creative commons license.