First Fineshed art work

well I know this is a tutorial to show you how to do this but I changed it up a bit the snow man :wink: so here it is

As always, everyone elses’ first render is better than mine. (Trust me. You do NOT want to see it.) Nice snow scene. Do you like blender so far?

blender is awsome im glad I found it and best of all ITS FREE!


try turning on anti-aliasing

is that in the rendering settings or where? (im just a noob blender user lol)


I don’t know why people try to act like uber techies and not just call it the button on the interface…

It’s in the REndering Settings, labeled OSA.

Good scene :slight_smile:

thanks man


good first piece. welcome to blender and elysiun. i might look into ‘color ramps’ for that snow. they are in material buttons under ‘ramps’, and they control the color of the specular ( highlight ) and diffuse ( diffused light ) shading. perhaps a little blue in your snow would add a nice effect. another material property that you could apply to it would be translucency, which there is a slider for in material buttons. to use it, you have to turn up the slider, turn on ‘ray’ in render buttons, i think, and it works best if there is a light source behind the translucent object.

Cough it up, Botany Boy. :smiley:

Thanks everyone ive said that a lot lol but in my books thats good lol