First finished ARCHVIZ project in blender

Blender 2.91 cycles
Render by photo reference
fspy practice
reference from this site Modern Love: A Contemporary House Updated with Antiques - Remodelista


And thank you for sharing the info “fspy”.

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Hi, Thanks!!
No problem

This looks awesome! I’d love to know a bit more about the material on the doors (the charcoal one)

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Hi , many thanks bro
of course

For this selected object

this is the node tree

i came from max and vray ,
im getting use to blender so i do know if this is the rigth way to do it in blender


i use this map

as a mask in the diffuse to add variance to the color
and in the roughness to add imperfection
controlled with gamma and bright/ contrast node

Awesome explaination thanks! I love the effect, I’ve tried a couple of times to create something similar but using a noise texture, and I haven’t been real happy with the results. I really liked your effect though, I’ll give that a go!

Hi! Can you talk about light setup, please?

Hi bro

An hdri for environment
this one

The kitchen splashback

Pendant lamp

Fill light

Light scheme

Color management
very high contrast
exp 0
gamma 1.5


So clear setup, well. Thank you, mate! I really appreciate it.

Do you use clamping of direct/indirect light and glossy filter?

No problem bro

No i left those @ default

The only thing i mess with was the light path i put all to 4

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