First finished project- Interior render

Hello everyone.
I’m new on this forum and this is my first thread here.
It’s my first interior render. Hope u enjoy :wink:

Great one for first attempt! More infos, wireframes are would be great! :wink:

Thanks you so much for your opinion. I’m going to uptade more photos soon.
It’s my first try with photorealistic interior scene, but in my opinion finished effect is quite good. Of course it needs more practice, but for first attempt I’m satisfied.
I spent on this project one week. Rendered in cycles, 2000 samples, 1920x1080 resolution.

Very good, it would look even better if the sunlight actually gets true the windows…
Did you use the standard glass shader for the windows?


This is node setup for glass material.

I know light isn’t very good in this scene.
I had some problems with lighting because sun light outside was very strong, but inside it was just small amount of light.

Nice, but the camera is a little too high :slight_smile: