first finshed project

well this is my first real attempt at anything that could be considered art with blender…anyway i hope you all like it and id like to hear your thoughts

i was thinking i might put some dead grass around the bottom of the tomb stone?

wow that does look good i think the spikes eather side of the grave are a bit big, you could maybe put a fence on the left, to fill that space.

how did you do the fog?

well these are the settings i used for the particle system which is just a plane scaled and subdivided about 6 times with some fractal in it for randomness…then i just put it underneath the scene. there is also a halo tex which is just a basic cloud tex with the tex colour as black and its mapped to both colour and alpha

The fog and the backlight look great. Well done. The tombstone also is very well done. Great texturing.

I do not like the spike things around the stone as much though. They don’t seem to fit the scene.


yeh i kinda agree looking back now about the spikes - it was sposed to be like a little fence i once saw in cemetary…i think this one does a better job and makes it fit better…thanks for the comments about the lighting

wow, that cemetary is very well maintained :slight_smile: no really, you need to ‘dirty up’ those spikes and such with some texture maps.

also, the headstone doesnt look natural in the ground. you need to build up the ground around where it sinks into the soil.

maybe go back to a cemetary to get some reference pics…

Very nice work.
Now for the but…
It seems to me that your ‘spooky’ green glow needs something else.
Not the glow itself but, just off the top of my head, how about a hand
grasping the top of the tombstone?

Anyhooooo, the picture seems incomplete somehow.

Althiom, the picker of nits.

thanks for the advice…i was thinking about a hand coming out of the ground or something like that…is there anyways to make some pebbles lying around other than modelling heaps of them and putting them in place…i tried with metaballs and a particle system but couldnt get it to work right. i was gonna put some grass in front of the tombstone so that you couldnt see the join but i like the pebbles/mound up ground idea better now…ill work on dirtying up the spikes tomorrow…thanks again guys

I think this picture needs a pointlight from high over the left shoulder, white, with a tint of blue to put some highlights on the stone. Right now it looks a bit dull. Great gloweffect though! :slight_smile:

Praise da Lord!

A newbie that actually put some effort into his first posted art!

Congratulations, you seem to be a rare breed indeed :smiley:

great work.
have you tried glow plugin on sequencer? this looks like a picture that would benefit from it.


That’s a great first image. Keep practising - I look forward to seeing more :slight_smile:

Hey! I spent about 3-4 days on my first post in the WIP. It didn’t look that good, still I put effort into it!

ok so i made the fence look suitably dirty and rusted…i actually did have it rusty to start but not rusty enough i guess :slight_smile: anyways i added an actual image to the texture of the ground and added in the grass

how do i go about doing this and what will it achieve?

thanks…i put a lot of effort into it

ok i think i got the drift of what you meant…i tried it out and i think it looks ok…so this is the new image - hey i guess this should go in WIP oh well i didnt intend on continuing with it once i posted it but you guys have all been really helpful :slight_smile:

This is a great first “finished” project. Looks very good. Keep on working. I look forward to more finished projects from you! :slight_smile:

well this is the last revision…im gonna leave ie now i think…just added the trees in the background and made the mist a little stronger on the ground.
the second image is color corrected in photoshop

This is great work Timmo. How did you do the grass ?


hey thanks for the comment…the grass was done with the fibre script on the python forums…

Wow, that looks really great, man. The grass really sets it off, and that particle mist is fantastic. Nice render, and welcome to elYsiun.

wow, thats very good, how did u make the grass???