First Floor Plan

Doing my first floor plan and wow, there’s a lot of little props that go into it. I’m working from a public domain plan (hope to get some newer ones soon).

Anyone here make floor plans or know of some good examples. I’d love to have a ton of 3D floor plan reference just to see what some people include/leave out. The more the merrier.

Next up:
Adding the kitchen
Adding the bathrooms
Adding the rest of the doors
Adding a washer/dryer

And if you know of any good (free) model resources, I’ve love to hear about them. Right now flyingarchitecture and 3d warehouse are probably my biggest source.

Any random advice or tips would also be appreciated!

Looking cool man!
Blend swap is a place i like for free models! :slight_smile:

If you are gonna do a lot of floor plans i reccommend building a huge repository of models up and appending them as needed!
I myself am just starting to build up my own repository :slight_smile:

there is a script to help make walls floor plan from 2D drawings!

looking nice

happy bl