First FPS Attempt

Hey, guys. This is just a project I’m doing on the side. It’s my first ever attempt at an FPS. Enjoy!

Video #1

Video #2

Nice man… keep up the good work. and you did that completely by yourself without a template? because I tried making an FPS from scratch and the mouse look wasn’t worth crap and everyone told me that so I just exported all my models to socials template and edited it.

Yep, i did that all from scratch! Thanks!

Ok, new video comming soon!

your new video is a second long, nothing happens in it.

oh… my bad. I guess it was a problem with the youtube upload. I’ll reupload. Thanks for pointing that out! :slight_smile:

Ok, so here is the new video!

lol, it’s not that hard to make a camera script xD

btw, nice job! It’s a great start!

Thanks! It’s sort of funny, but I don’t think I set my mouse look system up right! It’s sort of glitchy… I’ll have to ask for help in the support section :slight_smile:

Looking good so far. Are you planning to make a full game out of this?

I’m just working on it on the side… we’ll see how far I get. I might end up making a full game. Hopefully I will. That would be awsome! It is comming along nicely :slight_smile:

vary nice! :smiley:

I got some people that you can shoot and kill now! Also I set up a ladder climbing system. So there are a few ladders you can climb up to get over walls. I’ll post a video soon!

Nice work! This is definetly an inspiration cause I can’t make fps worth crap! Your game looks awesome, nice job!