First freelance job-what to charge?

Hi everyone I’ve just been hired for my first freelance job. The job is to model and dress 5 human characters for a sitcom style series and I don’t know what to charge. I’ve been given a specific description for each character (height,build,clothes style).

I’m worried I’ll either charge too much and the job will go away or too little and I’ll be doing myself out of a proper fee.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

How were you even awarded the project without discussing money?

ask them what the budget is.

Ask yourself what would you pay yourself to do the job? Since it’s a first I’d say charge a small fee with option of always being available to the client for future jobs.

That way you gain experience in freelance work and you gain a client which is always invaluable.

No idea why you took on a job without discussing payment. You might be in the awkward situation that they think your doing it for free, while your deciding how much to charge. Could be an awkward conversation coming up between you and the client…

Anyway, you should have a decent idea of how long it will take you to complete the job. So decide how much you want to earn per hour and multiply that with the time it will take. Then reduce it a little bit since you are new to the industry. From the description you gave it is impossible for someone here to say “You should charge £xxx.xx” as you haven’t given enough detail about the project. Timescales, the type of company has given you the job, how detailed the characters are meant to be etc…

Since it’s your first job, don’t charge too much. Don’t take the mindset of “How much can I bleed this company for”. That mindset will come around and bite you in the ass at some point. Get into a mindset of ‘How much would I charge myself if I was hiring myself’. Much healthier mindset and you’ll last a lot longer doing freelance work.

Also, NEVER take a job without discussing payment, unless you know it will be for free. For some reason, lots of people find it awkward to discuss payment with prospective clients. Never understood that one.

also you will be doing changes,incorporate that, & get the money in stages.